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Stainless Steel Adaptor Plate
Stainless Steel Adaptor Plate
Stainless Steel Adaptor Plate
Item#: 300TBAP
Regular price: $59.95
Sale price: $49.95

Product Description
Adapts our Turbine Cap to a square or rectangular masonry chimney flue. Stainless Steel, all the mounting hardware is included. For the correct size measure the outside of your chimney flue. Flue sizes are listed in the pull down menu. Custom sizes are available. Please email us for a price. Please Note: For this adaptor plate to fit correctly, your chimney flue must be extend 1" or more above the the chimney crown. The hole in the plate will be the same size of the turbine you order. Also, we strongly suggest you order the largest size turbine possible for your chimney's flue, because as an example a 6" turbine will not work or draft correctly 18"x 18" flue.